Corona, Riverside County, California

An Informational Guide to Living in the Corona, California Community

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Corona means “crown” in Spanish, and while the City of Corona does not have a king or queen, regal is the perfect word to describe its Victorian era downtown and vintage estate homes that dot many of the community’s historical neighborhoods. Corona is also known as the Circle City, for its circular Grand Avenue that surrounds the heart of downtown. Originally the center of the state’s citrus industry, today Corona is a bustling metropolitan community home to nearly 150,000 people, and serves as the western gateway to Riverside County.


Riverside County (2008): 2.1 million
Corona (2008): 147,428
Elevation: 678 feet
Precipitation: 10 – 13 inches per year
Cost of Housing: Click here to search for homes in the Corona area.


Elementary, Middle and High School level

Crossroads Christian Schools

St. Edwards Catholic School

University of California, Riverside

California Baptist University

La Sierra University

Parks & Outdoor Recreation

Cresta Verde Golf Course

Glen Ivy RV Park

Eagle Glen Golf Course

City Park
960 E. 6th Street

Santana Regional Park

Butterfield Dog Park

Fiesta Band Shell

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