Property Owner F.A.Q.


Where will my property be advertised?

When we list your property for rent, we advertise it on about 40+ different websites; some of which include the MLS, Zillow, Facebook, Craigslist, Trulia, HotPads, Homes.Com, and local closed Facebook group pages to name a few. We will also post a ‘For Rent’ sign outside the vacant property with your permission. We then schedule viewings of the property with people who are interested in it.

How are tenants selected for my property?

We carefully screen each and every adult that is applying for your property by running a thorough credit check and background check. We verify employment and income so as to make sure they will be able to support the rental amount. We also require they send us two most recent bank statements, two most recent pay stubs (or W-2 if they are a business owner), as well as copies of their ID's. We further screen applicants based on their credit score, income and eviction history, among other factors. If they pass our screening, we then package up their application and send it to you (the owner) for final approval.

As the property owner, how involved do I need to be?

As your property management company, we will take care of your investment to our greatest ability. We will handle issues accordingly and involve you when approval is needed for services done to the home. We will also notify you any time there is something going on with the property that you should know about. If you feel you want to be more involved, you are more than welcome to be (since it is your property) and we will let you be as involved as you like, to better manage your property and guarantee your satisfaction. We strive to be as open as possible with great communication between tenant, property management and owner.

When and how will I receive rent each month?

We send out rent on the 8th of each month or the following business day depending on what day it falls on. We send it electronically through direct deposit each month.

How are repairs handled at my property?

We have established relationships with vendors whom we recommend and use for repairs of our properties. If your property needs a repair, we will contact you explaining the repair that needs to be done and get your approval to schedule someone out to take care of it. Once you approve the repair, we will recommend using our preferred vendor for the job and schedule them if you approve. If you have a preference of another vendor that you want us to use, then we will use them.

What is involved with preparing my property for rent?

We have a ‘Rent Checklist’ that is on our website where you can see what steps are necessary to make your property move-in ready.


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