Tips for moving with children.


Moving can be stressful for the whole family. Sometimes we can get caught up in the hassle of a move that we forget about the challenges our children may be going through with a new move. Here are some practices to help make it as smooth as possible. 

  • If possible, take your children with you when looking at homes. Having their input and involving them will help build excitement for the move. 
  • If they cannot join you, make sure to take lots of pictures (especially of things that may interest them.)
  • Use a map to help show where they are so that they have some understanding of whats around them.
  • If possible, do a walk through with your children that will map out where they will play, eat and sleep. Show them where some of your furniture from your old home will go. 
  • Have your children draw a picture of how they will arrange their new room.
  • Set one box aside that your child can pack of their favorite things. This can be the first thing that they open on moving day. 
  • If possible, help your children set up their room first. 


As adults, we have the ability to see and make decisions about what's best for our family. Our children may be hurt to leave friends and classmates behind. Here are some ways to help with the transition. 

  • Host a goodbye party for friends and classmates. Emphasize how easy it is to keep in touch through mail, email, and the telephone.
  • Remind your children to collect contact information from their friends and keep in touch with their old friends to help keep in contact. 
  • Plan a trip back to your old hometown to visit friends.


There are certainly going to be times where you will see the effects of moving on your little ones. By keeping an eye out and helping to make traditions in your new home, you can help to transform your new house into your home. 

  • If possible, move before the start of a new school year or term so children will have the opportunity to meet new friends before school begins. 
  • Ask the school if they have a buddy or new friend system to help guide your child through school for the first few weeks, introduce him or her to other students, and accompany him or her to activities.
  • Link up with your new ward. No better way to find friends than through church activity.
  • Get back to normal life. When you are settled in your new home, resume familiar routines as soon as possible. Try to keep things such as mealtime, bedtime, and family time the same as much as possible.

Moving can be hard on children, but through patience and love, they will transition just fine. 

Jered Robinson