Save Money on Your Electricity Bill! πŸ’‘

Save Money on Your Electricity Bill! πŸ’‘

Reduce Your Electricity Bill With These Simple Steps:

The more energy you conserve, the more money you save! πŸ’Έ Many of the common household appliances we use on a day-to-day basis are big energy consumers which end up costing lots of money. Finding ways to use these high energy consuming appliances less will help you save money on your electricity bill! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

1. Reduce Hot Water Usage 🚿

  • – Heating up water definitely requires energy! Adjusting your water heater’s temperature to about 120 degrees F will take less energy and therefore less electricity.
  • – Be efficient with your dishwasher usage! Try to run your dishwasher only when it’s completely full to avoid running it more than necessary.
  • – Wash clothes in cold water if possible! Most detergents clean clothes exceptionally well with cold water which will help conserve energy. Try to keep the amount of hot water loads to a minimum.

2. Turn off items that are not being used πŸ’‘

  • – Make a habit of turning things off when you are no longer using them. Lights, TV, computer, stereo, and other electronic devices are left running too often which waste energy and cost you money!
  • – Older appliances are often less energy efficient. Replacing them with newer energy efficient appliances could be worth the investment!
  • – Timed switches, motion detector lights, LED bulbs, and plugging electronics into power strips that are able to be turned off when not in use, are all great ideas for one to consider.

3. Heating & Cooling Your Home 🏠

  • – In general, the furnace and air conditioner are the biggest energy consumers in your home. Reducing the amount of energy these both consume could increase your savings!
  • – Installing shutters, blinds, or drapes on your windows will work to your benefit! This will allow you to close them when it is hot out to block out the sun, or open them during the winter to take advantage of the sun’s warmth!
  • – Ceiling fans are another component that could help you save big! Run your ceiling fans counterclockwise or downward during the summer to force cool air down into the room. Run them clockwise and upward in the winter to distribute the warm air.
  • – Sealing air leaks in window frames, door frames, heating ducts, and replacing air filters will help conserve the temperature desired with less work from your air systems.

Simple lifestyle changes such as these will not only allow you to reduce your energy usage but your electricity bill as well! Enjoy thinking of new ideas that you and your family can practice that will help you save even more money! 😎


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