Tips For Maintaining a Lush Green Lawn!

Tips For Maintaining a Lush Green Lawn!

4-Tips for a lush green lawn:

1. Don’t mow to low

Mowing your lawn too short is a very common mistake! Mowing too short can severely weaken your grass and leave it highly vulnerable to drying out or weed invasion! Removing too much of the grass surface affects root growth and can leave your lawn looking yellow or brown. Ideally you should mow more frequently cutting off fewer inches off your lawn.

2. Water your grass regularly

As many of us know, watering your lawn is KEY to keeping it beautiful and green! A good rule of thumb is to make sure your lawn is getting about 1-1.5 inches of water each week. Some of the best times to water your lawn are early morning, or in the evening when there isn’t too much sun so that the water has time to soak into the soil instead of drying out or evaporating.

3. Fertilize your lawn

Fertilizing your lawn, is feeding your lawn. A well fed lawn will not only look more lush and green, but will also be healthier and able to resist common problems such as heat, droughts, weeds, cold, and foot traffic better than a non-fertilized lawn.

4. Repair & maintain

Regular repair and maintenance is crucial in keeping your lawn green and beautiful. Brown or yellow patches may appear for many reasons (pets, heavy foot traffic, not enough water) and should be treated immediately. These dry spots can be treated with extra watering and applying grass seed & fertilizer. Weeds should also be taken care of whenever they come up either by digging out the root or the or spraying them. Regular care for your lawn will surely make a difference!


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